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Welcome to beHPE!

beHPE is a community designed to elevate your voice by giving you access to HPE and industry-trending content that’s ready to share to your social channels.

Take advantage of this tool to grow your social presence and keep your accounts active – all while discovering trending stories in the industry and HPE news.

Best Practices for Sharing Content


  • Update the share text, and add your own voice
  • Use the scheduling feature, and space the timing of posts to keep your accounts active and avoid spamming
  • Follow trending topics and influencers in your network
  • Use #’s and @’s to increase visibility of your posts
  • Proof read
  • Stay (and write) positive
  • Respond to comments and mentions to boost your influence
  • Include a disclaimer in your profiles explaining that your opinions are your own
  • Avoid offensive or controversial topics


  • Don’t use profanity in your posts
  • Don’t post negative or scathing commentary about HPE or partners/competitors
  • Don’t share confidential information

Download the Mobile App

The VoiceStorm app can be downloaded to your smartphone and configured to connect with beHPE. After downloading the Voicestorm app, just enter in the community code "beHPE" and log in.

You will be able to receive notifications of new content to read and share with your social networks. An exciting feature of the mobile app is that you can also email content to your email contacts right from your mobile phone. 

Attention: The Dynamic Signal platform is external to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Be advised that you should not share your personal information or company confidential information external to HPE.